Rudy Guiliani to Comrade de Blasio: Please Say You’re Sorry – Videos


Former Mayor Rudy Guiliani discussed the reasons Comrade de Blasio should apologize to the police in an appearance on Face the Nation with Major Garrett Sunday.

Major Garrett could see no reason why the police would think Comrade de Blasio supports groups that hate the police but Guiliani straightened him out.

He explained that who you associate with is part of the rhetoric when Garrett tried to say de Blasio’s rhetoric was not supportive of the anti-police atmosphere.

Guiliani talked about Al Sharpton, an anti-police trouble maker, who is an advisor to the White House and de Blasio.

I have to disagree with Guiliani that the police did the wrong thing turning their backs. That’s their only means of protest and someone has to send a message to de Blasio. He doesn’t get it.


What about the fact that Comrade de Blasio said nothing when Al Sharpton’s group storm trooped through the streets yelling, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? Now!”

Where was de Blasio?

Why is he allowing this?