This Is HUGE! San Bernardino Has Ties to an Extensive Network of Terrorists



There is an extensive network of terrorists tied together and tied in some way to San Bernardino. They are looking at schools and Federal buildings. In San Bernardino, they hit a county building. Barack Obama is deflecting attention away from this. They are on the run after all.

The New York Times uncovered the fact that Syed Farook’s relative and friend Enrique Marquez had told friends that there are sleeper cells everywhere ready to attack. He said it would be “big” and they should “watch.”  We also found out Marquez is involved in marriage fraud with a Russian woman who is a sister of the Russian woman married to Syed’s older brother.

Van Thanh Nguyen despairingly grasps at the coffin of her daughter Tin Nguyen who was picking out wedding dresses recently.
Van Thanh Nguyen despairingly grasps at the coffin of her daughter Tin Nguyen who was picking out wedding dresses recently. Look at the faces of these distraught people.

What’s with the Russians? What’s with the marriage fraud? It seems the marriage of Tashfeen and Syed was also probably a fraud arranged by a terrorist group.

The FBI is looking into links between Farook and Southern California jihadists arrested in 2012 for attempting to travel to Afghanistan to join al Qaeda.

KTLA reported that the four men arrested in 2012 in Southern California included a jihadi recruiter named Sohiel Kabir who was in Farook’s social circle. Tahir and his group were planning to massacre people.


Then there is the Minnesota link. Mohamed Abdullah Hassan, a native Somalian living in Minnesota, was in contact with Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik over social media.

Hassan has been called a recruiter for al-Shabaab and an ISIS jihadi. He has been known to the FBI for seven years since he left to fight with al-Shabaab and return as a hardened jihadi.

Under Barack Obama, terrorists can go fight with jihadis and return.

Hassan is one of 10 men now under arrest in Minnesota. Another of the men is also a recruiter. One of the men is tied to a terrorist in Somalia. They were engaged in suspicious activity around Federal buildings, among other things.

You should know that they were all a part of a group of men who played basketball and watched propaganda videos at a local mosque, according to the Star Tribune. You notice I said MOSQUE – those buildings we WON’T raid.

Elton Simpson, the Garland, Texas jihadi, who tried to kill Pamela Geller and throngs of others participating in a Draw Mohammed cartoon contest, was an ISIS ‘lone wolf’ who had ties to Hassan in 2010. His and his accomplice’s orders came from Hassan.

Farook had exterior photos of Rialto Carter High School. While he was the county health inspector, why did he need these photos? It is suspected that the high school was the target. Health inspectors don’t need to take photos of the exterior of buildings. It looks more like reconnaissance.

Marquez admitted he and Syed planned an attack in 2012 but abandoned it when the other terrorists in Southern California were arrested, terrorists they appear tied to.

This is just one area of the country. We know that the FBI is investigating just under 1,000 cases in all 50 states.

Barack Obama’s concern is how to take our gun rights away while all this is going on. He treated the attack as an aside – we’ll take care of terrorism in time, no problem. He won’t go to visit San Bernardino because he doesn’t want to call attention to it. That’s sick and deluded thinking.

We need to arm ourselves and these schools need to add armed guards.

On Thursday, a DHS whistleblower came forward to say the Obama administration shut down a program that could have stopped the San Bernardino attack. Mr. Haney had looked into an influx of Middle Eastern men tied to global terrorist networks and he was told the investigation was shut down and his records deleted.

Haney was one of the Founding members of DHS. He was told that tracking the jihadists was “problematic” because they were Islamic groups.

One of the files that was deleted was an investigation into the mosque that the San Bernardino terrorists frequently attended. Haney claims that he was targeted, reassigned, and eventually lost his security clearance, even though he had received a commendation letter for locating 300 known terrorists in the U.S.

This is a major claim. It means these Muslim organizations he was looking into are tied to global jihadist networks and San Bernardino was tied to them.

All Obama will talk about is gun control and climate change. What does that say? Tell us what you think?


As soon as there is a terror attack, Barack Obama is quick to say it was a lone wolf attack and we have no reason to believe it’s connected to a terrorist organization. San Bernardino was no different. He makes these pronouncements before there is any investigation. He knows he’s lying.

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