Sex Worker Rights In New York Includes Banning Evidence


Advocates for sex workers (you know, HOOKERS) want New York to be the first state to ban police from confiscating their condoms as evidence because of health issues. The advocates proposing this are attorneys who call themselves the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center in Manhattan.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Sex workers are so afraid of police harassment that they are carrying fewer condoms and have sex without them. Prostitutes are given free condoms by the government so I fail to see a problem here.

A Brooklyn Democrat is sponsoring a bill to ban condom evidence (I’m serious). That makes no sense on any level.

Kate Hogan, a prosecutor, explained that the goal of prostitution (I mean sex worker) cases is “to get the pimps and sex traffickers.”  Giving up the evidence would be “…giving them a lot of leeway we don’t want to give them.” (A voice of sanity).

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