Taliban Prisoners Released If They Promise to Be Good


Vicious Taliban insurgents who have killed or shot at our soldiers were secretly being released by the Obama administration in an attempt to get the Taliban to negotiate with us.

Don’t worry, the released prisoners PROMISED not to return to the battlefield.

We agreed to turn over control of Bagram prison to the Afghans earlier this year. Afghans often release prisoners under questionable circumstances.

You can’t tell me that some of them aren’t returning to the battlefield. Shariah allows lying to infidels.

Telegraph UK:…Up to 20 prisoners have been released from Bagram prison in the past two years after giving assurances they would give up their struggle and reconcile with the government.

The clandestine “strategic release” programme at the prison north of Kabul has allowed America to use prisoners as bargaining chips when trying to reach local deals with insurgents.

Officials admitted the scheme was risky however and difficult to police. They would not say whether any of those released had resumed attacks on Nato or Afghan forces.

“Everyone agrees they are guilty of what they have done and should remain in detention,” one official told the Washington Post.

“Everyone agrees that these are bad guys. But the benefits outweigh the risks.”…Read more…