Tax Money Paying for PTA Makeovers in Baltimore Schools



andres alonso joker

Photo of Baltimore Schools CEO Andres Alonso as a joker because he seriously is one

Some of the millions of dollars in Stimulus and Title I dollars meant for the poorest populations in the Baltimore School System were spent on dinner cruises in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and on makeovers for parents and volunteers.

The district spent over $2 thousand dollars on food and beverages at PTA meetings for a cost of $99 a parent. They spent over $1300 on treater performances with dinner, dancing, and a professional singer. They even paid $500 for a catered “makeover day” for mothers and daughters at a local elementary school.

This all came out in a federal audit.

To make matters worse, the district’s CEO Andres Alonso said it was only $15 million out of $112 million. He said the auditors told him that it should have come out of the general fund. Huh? General fund? Why should this be paid by any taxpayer fund???

Alonso added,  “Anytime there’s an audit of Title I dollars, you’re going to see errors at the school level because schools spend money for what they need, and then sometimes they worry about if it fits the parameter of the grant later.” What? Huh???

Arrogance, greed, a sense of entitlement, dim-wittedness, and wastefulness can often take hold when no one is in charge. When big government is in charge, no one is in charge – it’s too big.

People think that grants and federal monies come from the government. Hello! They come from the people!

WJZ13 report: