Tombstone Arizona Under Siege By the Federal Government


This latest atrocity by the unhinged Fish & Wildlife Service wouldn’t be happening if Wyatt Earp was still around.

You might remember that Fish and Wildlife are the loons that raided Gibson Guitars TWICE because Gibson used Indian wood for fretboards that they had legal permission from India to use.

Now they are trying to destroy Tombstone, Arizona. Maybe Obama is still getting even with Jan Brewer. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Wildfires destroyed much of Tombstone and most of their water supply. The city tried to repair the pipes but the government said they might hurt wildlife and they could only repair the water supply if they used farm animals and hand tools. Even a wheelbarrow was too mechanized and dangerous to the wildlife. Meanwhile, Tombstone is under a state of emergency.

The greenies are thrilled that the water has been freed from the evil pipes. Meanwhile, the animals the greenies are trying to protect were destroyed by the wildfires but the greenies are undeterred by reality.

The Goldwater Institute is trying to protect the town from our federal government.

The town is trying to get information from the government but they have demanded $80,000 to release the information. Read about it here: Tombstone Az and here (you can donate here if you like)