When CNBC’s Debate Questions Were Analyzed, There Were Incontestable Results



GOP debate

The questions asked by CNBC moderators during the GOP debate last week were either negative, personal insults or ad hominem attacks 65% of the time and the remainder were taken from a liberal perspective, so says The Media Research Center (MRC) researchers who analyzed the questions. They analyzed the questions of the nasty John Harwood, the affected Becky Quick and the upstart Carl Quintanilla. The other interviewers, Jim Cramer, Rick Santelli and Sharon Epperson, were not agenda-driven and asked the policy questions.

These interviewers were there for Hillary Clinton. Even Democrats should be concerned. Losing the free press is a problem for the nation and we lost it in 2008.

The RNC finally suspended the February debate on NBC News in the face of an all-out revolt by the campaigns.


CNN posted the most ridiculous article about the “shell-shocked” interviewers who had “a long flight home.” Are we supposed to feel sorry for these people? They viciously attack the GOP candidates and treat them with utter disrespect and now we should feel badly?

Look at this dribble from CNN:

The poor reviews were piling up — declaring CNBC the biggest loser of the night — and the moderators Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick knew more would be published by the time the flight landed in New York.

So for some flyers, it was a sleepless night. But there was some laughter and some liquor to lighten the mood — and some speculation about how high the ratings would be.

Who cares? They deserve to be miserable. They’re clowns – they’re tools.

CNBC might not be in the running for debates four years from now. I certainly hope so but the liberal networks are proud of them. After all, they accomplished what they hoped to accomplish in their minds. They wanted to belittle Republicans.

CNN wrote, “But some of the same CNBC employees also said they were proud that the moderators had pointedly challenged the GOP candidates and potentially changed the course of the presidential race.”

They are supposed to be neutral journalists and they are not supposed to be changing the “course of the presidential race.”

We can’t let this go on. We are going to lose what we have in this country. Despots are always ready to charm, cajole, twist us into giving up our freedoms for their “humanitarian” agendas. We need to stop this. We are heading for a one party despotic state. The time for going along to get along is long over.

The is a MRC compilation of the worst questions.

Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Ted Cruz is the one who brilliantly turned the attack debate around last week with his now famous soliloquy. Whatever you think of him, he is very intelligent and he’s a wordsmith. He went after Mitch McConnell yesterday, saying Mitch McConnell is “the most effective Democratic leader in modern times.”


After watching McConnell’s votes and what he allows to get to the floor, he has become convinced that McConnell is actually a Democrat. He does exactly what Harry Reid would want, Politico reported.

About the budget, Cruz said:

“I’ve got to say, Leader McConnell has proven to be a very effective Democratic leader. With just 46 Democrats, the outcome is exactly what Harry Reid and the Democrats would want,” Cruz said of the budget accord. “Is this not a curious state of affairs? Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority.”

Cruz delivered the 90-minute broadside on the Senate floor.

McConnell needs to go. Whatever people think of Cruz, he’s right. Cruz went to DC to do what his constituents want as did Rand Paul. Not too many representatives and senators do that – sadly.