12 Most Frightening Socialist Ideas from Hillary’s Platform


hillary hag

Bernie Sanders was always considered a crazy leftist who accomplished nothing in forty years. When President Ronald Reagan was fighting communism, Bernie was praising violent communists in Cuba and Nicaragua, but he now represents the youth of America, not a very good sign.

He has pulled the leftist Hillary even further left. The party is for all intents and purposes a Socialist party and their platform is terrifying. She plans to make a lot of it happen via Executive Orders so she doesn’t have to bother with Congress or the people.

Hillary screamed it out as only she can.

  1. She is going to make the biggest investment in jobs ever because – every one deserves the same shot. That means more failed Obama-like stimulus with an increase in taxes.
  2. She plans to spend a lot of our money on the most aggressive clean energy yet but she will get good jobs for former coal miners.
  3. She will take more control over private business with mandatory $15 an hour wages, granting more power to unions, banning trade deals, and controlling private business profits.
  4. a. She will get rid of college debt and help existing debt holders while giving free public college for all, even loafers. It doesn’t stop there. She plans to have taxpayers pay for student living expenses and books. b.Taxpayers will pay for that and an expansion of the failed Obamacare to include a public option (single payer) and Social Security freebies. You will get Social Security at age 55 and even if you are a mother who never worked.
  5. She is going hard after guns.
  6. She will control Wall Street and there will be no tax breaks for millionaires. Should be great for Capitalism.
  7. Taxpayers will provide family leave.
  8. She’s going to guarantee the phony equal pay for women
  9. Citizens’ United will be gone along with free speech.
  10. The voting rights act will be put back and more. Everyone will automatically be registered to vote at 18 and everyone will have 20 days to vote with short wait times – that should be rife with corruption.
  11. Free healthcare at 55 years, dramatic expansion of healthcare centers, free mental healthcare, a public option offered – Single Payer and we all get to pay for it.
  12. The next is most alarming. She wants a 100% Democrat Congress, Democrat governors and state legislators. Deep-pocketed Progressives are forming networks of far-left groups throughout the country to make sure her dream comes true.

The phony Hillary thanked Bernie Sanders voters for supporting him as if that could even be remotely true. Then she said she was grateful to be standing with Sanders because “each of our campaigns together represent the best of who we are.” I should have issued a trigger warning for that last statement.

Listen to this nasty woman scream. She is eminently unlikeable.

This is a clip of Bernie telling Hillary what her platform will be. It’s a bad joke as Bobbledhead Barbie nods her head to going after the 1% and income inequality when she takes a quarter million dollars a speech.


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