Aaron Hernandez Being Investigated for Two Other Murders


Hernandez Photo of Aaron Hernandez

Former Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez has been denied bail in the First Degree murder of his friend Odin Lloyd. The motivation, prosecutors say, was Hernandez’ anger over Lloyd talking to the wrong people at a nightclub. Hernandez is also being investigated for a double murder in 2012. The crimes might be linked.

Lloyd was killed execution style. He was shot in the back. The two fatal shots were delivered as Hernandez and two accomplices stood over Lloyd while he was lying on the ground in the Industrial Park where his body was found.

Prosecutors said Hernandez and the accomplices drove Lloyd to the park and then Hernandez orchestrated the murder. One of the two accomplices, Carlos Ortiz 27,  has also been charged. Ortiz grew up in Hernandez hometown.

The prosecutors have video tape of Hernandez driving Lloyd with the two accomplices. Hernandez went home after the murder and destroyed his phone and his home security tapes according to prosecutors.

One of the accomplices might be talking given the amount of detail prosecutors have.

Lloyd was a semi-pro football player who knew Hernandez for about a year. He dated the sister of Hernandez’ girlfriend. His teammates remember him as a happy guy who was well-liked.

In July 2012, Hernandez was in a bar with a group of men who got into a fight with two men at Cure, a club in the South End. The two men, Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado, were friends with no criminal background.

The men left the club in the morning hours with three other men.

Abreu was driving and while stopped at a light, a silver or gray SUV with RI plates pulled up alongside and opened fire. Abreu and Furtado were killed, another friend was injured and two others in the car fled to safety.

The perpetrators were never caught.

One official said that investigators are looking into whether or not this was the secret that Lloyd shared with the men in the nightclub.

Teammates of Hernandez are now saying Hernandez was very immature, irresponsible, and they won’t miss him.

A former assistant Alexander Bradley claims he was shot in the face by Hernandez and is suing him in civil court.

Hernandez is reportedly a member of the Bloods, a brutal gang.

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