Another Singer Kneels and Worse While Singing the Anthem



An unpatriotic Denasia Lawrence, wearing a t-shirt advertising the hate group Black Lives Matter, knelt during the Anthem as she sang it, showing America what a truly disrespectful, ingrate looks like. This took place at a preseason Heat Game.

She is protesting alleged police mistreatment of minorities. Lawrence is a social worker who counsels others.

This began with Colin Kaepernick, the second-string 49ers QB. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a recent interview that Kaepernick’s actions were “dumb and disrespectful”. She later apologized for being “dismissive” but she was right the first time and the same goes for Lawrence.

Another singer, Leah Tysse, knelt while singing before a preseason Sacramento Kings game two weeks ago.

It is very disrespectful of what our country stands for, for the freedoms we have here, and, mostly it’s very disrespectful to the men and women who died to preserve those freedoms.

The PC cowards applaud people like Denasia. Yes, she has the right to do it and others have the right to find her behavior repugnant.



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