Barack Obama Has Taken Over the Press


The New York Times admitted they run their articles by Pravda Editor, Barack Obama. The articles on the New York Times are endlessly critical and often downright vicious when talking about Mitt Romney. They sound amazingly like Axeldope or Plouffe-full-of-fluff. Well, guess what, the New York Times admitted that Obama’s team approves the articles before they go to print. It’s not just the Times either – it’s ALL of them.

via Michelle Malkin

The fat-cat narrative attacks on Republicans won’t go away by making nice with the White House — or by relying on Beltway journalists to drop their double standards and vet the president’s own bad bank entanglements. Indeed, The New York Times admitted this week that their staff and other political journalists from every major media outlet submit their work to the White House for unprecedented review, editing and “veto power.”


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