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Judge Napolitano weighed in on the indictment of two undercover investigators who uncovered what appears to be the illegal selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. He called it a political hit job.

Planned Parenthood officials are on tape – undoctored tape – saying they were going to sell baby body parts but the whistleblowers are the ones who were indicted. The Grand Jury was supposed to investigate Planned Parenthood but decided instead to indict the investigators. We have no way of knowing what information the prosecutor gave the Grand Jury and there is no defense presented during these hearings.

It’s hard to imagine how the whistleblowers can be indicted. Something is not being reported here.

It appears that the prosecutor might have told the Grand Jury that journalists don’t have immunity. These whistleblowers – even though they didn’t want to buy body parts – likely became victims of pro-abortion activists in the prosecutor’s office who can take advantage of their lack of immunity.

We don’t know what happened yet but we do need to worry about these rogue prosecutors who push agendas from their positions of power.

The undercover investigators who exposed Planned Parenthood atrocities were indicted Monday and they face twenty years in jail, basically for trying to protect the unborn. A member of the prosecutors’ office is on the board of Planned Parenthood but she only notified the prosecutor last week, long after the Grand Jury process began. There should be an independent prosecutor.

Planned Parenthood has not been indicted for harvesting baby (fetus) organs for sale but the people who tried to expose them were. The same Grand Jury came up with both recommendations.

There is an ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood by the attorney general and the inspector general of Texas however.

The media is attacking Daleiden Monday, not the unborn baby parts dealers.

About 80% of the American public believe abortion should be limited to the first trimester at most or not at all and do not support the radical views of Planned Parenthood but the group is a powerful campaign contributor to the Democrat party and aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

The Center for Medical Progress attempted to expose the baby chop shops of Planned Parenthood and their affiliates with an undercover investigation.

The videos exposed callous and possibly criminal behavior on the part of the participants who were videotaped without their knowledge.

Planned Parenthood and the affiliates will escape any prosecution at this point but the undercover reporters were indicted in Texas today.

A Harris County grand jury probe into Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast ended Monday with the indictments of the two anti-abortion activists.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were both indicted for tampering with a governmental record. An additional indictment for prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs was issued for Daleiden, according to a release from the Harris County District Attorneys Office.

They of course didn’t attempt to purchase or sell human organs. They were undercover and trying to expose the behaviors of the radical abortionists.

Planned Parenthood, in a letter to Congress said Daleiden was involved in secretly recording Planned Parenthood staff and patients at least 65 times over the last eight years.

The national organization of Planned Parenthood has alleged that Daleiden and others used aliases, obtained fake government I.D.s, and formed a fake tissue procurement company in an effort to gain access to private medical conferences and health care centers.

The organization has said they also illegally taped private professional conversations of doctors and other medical providers and spliced together shards of long conversations to create short videos in order to spread false claims.

The fact is that they said what they said and the allegation by Planned Parenthood is not that The Center for Medical Progress investigators altered the words used, just that they had shortened videos.

It’s hard to understand how Planned Parenthood can get away with their allegations about “spliced together shards” since the full, raw videos are also available on the Internet site.

David Daleiden’s comments today can be read at USA Today. As Daleiden said, they are suing him for everything but DEFAMATION.

I’ve watched every video, even the uncut raw footage, and it’s horrible stuff.

The article was updated to include Judge Napolitano’s commentary.

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