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Hillary Clinton knows why her email scandal is blowing up – it’s the heat. That’s what she said, the heat is getting to everybody.

The New York Times reported last night that the DOJ was possibly investigating Hillary Clinton criminally for using her private emails to send at least four classified emails – maybe hundreds – according to two Inspectors General. The Times revised the story and changed it from an investigation targeting Clinton to an investigation of her emails.

If she’s not the target, who is? Did the emails send themselves?

NY Times reporter Michael Schmidt appeared on Morning Joe to explain that they toned down the report because of complaints from the Hillary camp. I’m sure they would do that for the GOP candidates as well.

“We made a minor change to this story shortly after it went online that said the investigation was in connection with her e-mail use; that that’s where the investigation sort of generated and started from. It didn’t really deviate our story much from where we were before. And it was in response to some complaints that we received from the Clinton camp that we thought were reasonable and we made them.

Schmidt explained that “it doesn’t really change much of what is going on here” and went on to say that the IG’s found four classified emails that did come from Clinton’s account. They brought it to the DOJ because it’s beyond the purview of an IG.

The Hillary camp said that just because the emails came from her account, it doesn’t mean she sent them. She’s probably frantically searching for someone to take the fall.

Her response to the NY Times story was that the heat is getting to everybody. It’s always the fault of someone else, usually the right wing conspiracy. Now we know it’s probably the climate change problem – it’s just too hot. Actually, it’s too hot for her.

It was only two months ago when she said she absolutely did not send or receive classified emails on her server.

Sensitive information from the military was sent without regard for the security of the American people from someone who wants to be president.

She doesn’t have charisma, in fact she comes off as an unpleasant, unlikable person, she is dishonest, and she can’t be trusted. Her arrogance led her to use private emails and a private server for her correspondence, schedules and so on as Secretary of State, knowing she could be jeopardizing the security of Americans.

If Hillary Clinton runs for president while under investigation by the DOJ, that might hurt her chances. I’d say of course it would hurt her chances but this is the new America where lying and corruption doesn’t necessarily hold people back when they run for president of the United States.

Four months ago, Judge Napolitano said she was in legal trouble. From what the Judge is saying, she should get at least four years in jail.

Meanwhile, Hillary is trotting around competing with Bernie Sanders for leftist of the year. She is now proposing a sharp increase in Capitol Gains taxes. It’s very popular to hate Wall Street. Her economic plan is more taxes, more welfare, and more redistribution.

Hillary is an awful woman, an awful candidate and her economic plan is awful.

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  1. You should All get the facts first . The Emails in ? Were not classified as secret or even sensitive untill after the fact. So wake up and get a grip on reality!

    • That’s the company line. The IGs found four emails that should not have gone out. She had no business using personal emails and a personal server. No matter how you spin, she’s a corrupt liar.

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