Charles Krauthammer on the Faux Israel Spying Scandal


Charles Krauthammer stated the obvious on Special Report Tuesday. “The idea that this is some kind of shocking development and in fact the Israelis could easily have gotten it from eavesdropping on the Iranians. And they might have gotten it openly from the French, who are in these talks and who are quite dismayed by how much Obama and the White House have given away in these negotiations. And they are largely opposed to what’s been going on.”

What’s the charge, Krauthammer asks, when the U.S. had to be spying on Israelis to know there was spying?

“So what’s the big charge against the Israelis, that they shared some of this with Congress? Isn’t it the obligation of a White House administration negotiating the most important deal in a generation that it should share information? This is secret information so the White House was withholding it from the Congress of the United States? That in and of itself is rather shocking.”



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