Chicago Protest: “The Only Solution Is Communist Revolution”


Will the media report about the communist revolution in various cities? The answer is ‘no’ since they agree with them.

The communists, who run wild and free without any FBI interference, are using an innocent 18-year old named Kyle Rittenhouse as an excuse to call for revolution. If it wasn’t Kyle Rittenhouse, they’d find someone else.

The entire establishment tried to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse. Anyone who supported him was also canceled.



  1. Don’t waste time with normie dullards as we are in a fight for our survival in Bolshevik Revolution 2020.
    Chicago is CCP/CPUSA HQ and one of the homes of the Weather Underground comrades Barry, Billy and Bernardine.
    The Long March is complete, conquered and destroyed from within by a fifth column of quisling traitor communist slime.

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse, as well as all of his “attackers”, were 100% all Jewish.
    Hmm. Still believe this is all real?

  3. The fundamental issue hidden by all the chaos surrounding the Rittenhouse case is that the extreme anger being displayed against the verdict isn’t about the verdict, but what the verdict means constitutionally. The consistent underlying motive of the socialists and communists has been and continues to be the destruction of the 2nd amendment. If the leftist could get a verdict that essentially eliminated the right of self-defense, they could extend that elimination to the right of a citizen group to defend its neighborhood, its towns, and the nation.

    The 2nd amendment reads as follows: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. What good is keeping and bearing arms if their use under defensive circumstances results in a judicial decision that specifically attacks any defense other than that provided by the government?

    A number of European countries will imprison an individual for defending himself, especially when police are in the vicinity. Kyle Rittenhouse would be injured or dead if this standard of defense had been in place. (The local police and the state government did virtually nothing under riot conditions in Kenosha a couple of years ago.)

    Australians surrendered many personal firearms a few years ago. Now they are under the tyrannical rule of an authoritarian socialist government. There are massive peaceful protests against the COVID 19 lockdowns, but so what? The Australian government has simply ignored the meaning of the protests.

    Austria has gone so far as to demand that everyone be fully vaccinated against COVID 19 or face prison. Apparently, this is a step too far even for their police and military but time will tell. (Hitler was born in Austria. It appears that NAZI ideas still remain at the highest levels of their government.)

    The agenda of the radical left has not changed. They call the Constitution an ever changing living document, thus undermining its stable framework and damaging its integrity. For the anti-American left, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was focused on their ever present claims of racism and white supremacy. However, their ultimate motive was and remains the destruction of the 2nd amendment. They cannot fully install their tyrannical socialist state and completely eliminate America’s constitutional republic without eliminating it.

  4. pat…i don’t think morons like the ones in these protests think that deep. these are toys that the string pullers wind up and put down someplace where they know they can make a show. i wish media would focus more on where the bricks come from (who’s winding them up)

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