Illegal MTA Tax: Walder And Cuomo Say Find Us The Money



They want our Long Island legislators to find the money to replace the 1.4 billion they are stealing  from Long Island. It’s our job apparently. Every single entity on Long Island which has a payroll has to feed the MTA beast, including schools, fire districts, any business, and on and on. It’s unlikely 99% of the employees are using the MTA, especially out in Suffolk County. To say nothing of the fact that the services have been cut from bad to worse.

Are they serious? It’s our job? They impose an illegal and unsustainable tax on every payroll in LI and we (LI) have to find the money for their bloated corrupt enterprise? And Andrew Cuomo is willing to listen to ideas about how to replace the MTA tax? Well, I do have some suggestions.

Here’s one, how about retiring fewer than 97% of the LIRR workers on full disability? Or how about getting rid of the multitudinous patronage jobs. And then there’s that forensic audit no one wants. What kind of info can be obtained from that which the MTA doesn’t want us to know? Oh, oh, don’t forget the billions they have in accounts just sitting there waiting for a rainy day.

The tax is illegal. There is no reason to tax every payroll on LI for services we do not use except they found another piggy bank.  It’s stealing folks.

“Republican state senators sparred with the head of the MTA yesterday on how to finance the agency if the state repeals the MTA payroll tax that went into effect in summer 2009. “In some way, shape or form, that tax is going to go,” state Sen. Carl Marcellingo (R-Syosset) told MTA chairman Jay Walder at a public hearing at SUNY Old Westbury.

Walder said any long-term financing solution to capital spending rested with the state…The forum was billed as a hearing on ‘the finance, policies and practices of the MTA,’ but Marcellino and two other Republican senators, Jack M. Martins of Mineola* (see notation) and Lee Zeldin of Shirley, pressed Walder to find a replacement for the payroll tax. *Newsday had left and reported this inaccurately. They were not aware that state Senator Martins came halfway through and never interacted with Walder at all. He’s coming up a disappointment to date but hopefully he will get on board and start dealing with the peoples’ business as he was elected to do.

Walder said it would be difficult to make up for repealing the tax, which raises $1.4 billion annually…Walder said he’d be happy to work with the legislature and the governor on finding other funding sources…” Newsday, by William Murphy, May 6, 2011

Walder and the Governor are willing to hear our ideas for replacing the illegal tax they imposed on us. How jolly good old man…I have other choice words I’d rather say.

More info on the fight by Bill Schoolman:Bill Schoolman continuing the fight in the courts

Cheers to Senators Marcellino and Zeldin and Bill Schoolman of Classic Coach, But MTA, Go Away. We could provide your meager services for a lot less than 1.4 billion if we privatized.


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