DC Orders Businesses to Give Employees 16 Weeks Family Leave

DC City Council
DC City Council

The D.C. City Council is following Greece’s example and giving paid leave to almost every employee in the nation’s capitol who has a baby (fathers included), adopts a child, is recovering from an illness, returns from a military deployment overseas, or tends to a family member. If they work for DC, they get 16 weeks off and this includes part-timers.

That’s almost a third of the year!

DC Council Member David Grosso says it's the right thing to do. He is generous with other peoples' money.
DC Council Member David Grosso says it’s the right thing to do.

The Council is very generous at the expense of taxpayers. This will cover almost every D.C. employee. The grant program that helps fund this along with a new tax on businesses is a federal grant program paid by our federal taxes.

The legislation will be introduced Tuesday.

These statists like to include the military because most would agree the military deserve a break when they get home from a deployment overseas.

The City Council, backed strongly by Barack Obama, wants to mimic European socialists. Obama wants to see it in all 50 states.

Parents in Europe can take up to a year off WITH PAY and that appears to be a goal!

This appears to be an unaffordable benefit at the expense of businesses, some of which will not survive, however Americans have already made it clear that they will willingly give up freedom for so-called security and they want to be taken care of at the expense of independence.

The Council is already touting the benefits for women.

Obama thinks this will go towards solving the income inequality that his policies have made worse, however, making business and workers less productive won’t achieve that.

This new law comes from a grant program that U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez has openly advertised as an end run on a Republican-controlled Congress. They’re proud to be writing legislation, a power reserved for Congress.

Obama is using his usual line – everyone else in the civilized world does it. Everyone else is socialist, communist and otherwise statist too!

The D.C. Chamber of Commerce will fight it but they have their work cut out for them. They stated the obvious – it will make D.C. business less competitive.

This is what they are demanding employers pay:

100 percent of pay for those making up to $52,000 a year.

Employees who earn more than that would be eligible for $1,000 a week plus 50 percent of their additional income, up to a maximum of $3,000 per week.

They won’t tax much at first to make this happen but you know how it goes with taxation.

Source: Washington Post

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