Dick Lugar, Obama’s “Favorite Republican,” Is Gone


Dick Lugar, His Loss Is Felt By the Democrats

Talk about being out of touch with your constituents. Dick Lugar hasn’t lived in Indiana since the 70’s. That alone should have made him ineligible to run for the Senate. Why doesn’t it? He was still using the address of a house he sold in 1977.

You know that something is going right when the left is bemoaning the loss of the Republican.

John Kerry lamented Lugar’s defeat as “a blow to the institution.” The Washington Post doesn’t see Murdock’s Tea Party-ness as the reason for the defeat. HuffPo said bipartisanship is a dirty word and quoted Schumer as saying it will be a win for Democrats. Mother Jones, the Soros-funded site, said he wasn’t voted out because he was a moderate Republican but because he was “serious when it came to forging foreign-policy compromises.” The Nation called him reasonable.

Personally, I think being Obama’s favorite Republican was the kiss of death.

The characterization of the “extremism” of the Tea Party is resonating with the progressives and hymns of praise for Lugar’s bipartisanship and moderation are being sung by Democrats.

Senator Lugar has been in office for 36 years and 18 terms – enough already. Can you imagine how much baggage he has acquired? We need term limits.

When President Obama won, Lugar praised Obama’s foreign policy approach, and warned against isolationism and McCain’s alleged reactive policies. At that last presidential debate in 2008, Obama said Lugar is one “who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House”. He’s one of Obama’s favorite Republicans and it is said that Lugar gets along fabulously with Obama and Biden. In 2005 Obama accompanied Lugar on a trip to Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan to inspect weapons sites.

Lugar is conservative on some issues. He voted against Obamacare. He supports Keystone and wanted the farm labor regulations eliminated.

Once known as the George Washington of Indiana, CBS quoted Lugar as saying,”Thank goodness the founder of our country did not face millions of dollars of negative advertising.” Meanwhile Lugar outspent his opponent Murdock $6.7 million to $2 million.

Both the NRA and GOA gave Lugar an “F” rating. He was against the surge in Iraq. He voted for the far left Justices Kagan and Sotomayor. He wants our nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons (and the world’s) gone. So do I, but let the others obliterate them first.

He supported the auto bailout which took the bankruptcy from the hands of the courts and into the lap of President Obama – Obama fired the GM CEO even though it was a private company; dealerships were put out of business via some secret plan; and the unions were put ahead of the creditors!

He supported TARP, raising the debt ceiling, and opposed banning earmarks.

He enthusiastically supports the DREAM Act.

He is called a fiscal conservative but I don’t know why.

Lugar moved to D.C. in the 70’s. He was charging the taxpayers for his trips back to Indiana, which he paid back when people caught up with him. He lives in Virginia now.

No matter what your view is about Lugar’s decisions, come on, he hasn’t lived in Indiana for decades. That isn’t any way to represent a state.

The country is becoming more partisan as the socialist Obama divides to conquer. Is there any wonder that people are picking sides and abandoning “moderation” and “reaching across the aisle?”


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