Dishonest Media Proves Trump’s Point About Their Sleaziness



The American public knows the media is dishonest and they know they are overwhelmingly leftist. The media is lost and many people enjoy a politician finally having the guts to say it.

Karl Rove said Wednesday that it wasn’t presidential and he hurt himself. Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard said that the only people who enjoyed the presser were the people who already like him and people who are critical of him, meaning Steve Hayes, are supporting a candidate who accused a candidate’s father of working with JFK’s assassin.

The media responded to Trump’s media bashing yesterday during his presser to outline the disbursement of funds he raised for veterans.

The media said Trump doesn’t want to be scrutinized; they gave time to Trump haters and vets who say he’s “using” vets; and they said the press is entitled to know how the money went out.

The media hates Trump and that includes Fox cable.

The media has hounded Trump from the day after he held the veteran fundraising event in lieu of a Fox debate.

They have accused him of exploiting vets. This should be a lesson to candidates to not raise money for vets or they will be assaulted by the media – unless they are Democrats of course.

Trump said he would eventually release the information but they decided to publish articles accusing him of not giving any money to vets and gave air time to liars who said they know he didn’t give out the funds.

Some in the media, like Megyn Kelly, are now attacking him for only doling out half the money and giving out the rest after a Washington Post attack story on the issue was published. [About $3.1 million was given early on and another $2.5 million on about May 23rd]

Kelly went into the Trump University case on her show last night and accused Trump of lies and racist hate against the judge in the case who released the records because Trump said the judge is “Mexican…that’s okay.”

Hillary is not hounded for her uranium deal, her corrupt money laundering foundation, her speeches, her constant lies. Trump, however, is dogged for his fundraising for vets.

The media of course can ask the questions but they should do much more on Hillary and far less on Trump, all things being fair. He hasn’t gotten people killed or taken donations from human rights abusers or sold a mine to the Russians with a potential output of 50% of US uranium.hillary

And what the media won’t tell you is that Trump has been giving generously to vets over the course of many years while Hillary has not done anything on a personal level. She has only managed to give away taxpayer and donor dollars.

Anything she gives is through her money laundering machine — The Clinton Foundation. It’s not her money.

She bragged about it this past weekend.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper during a phone interview if she has given money to vets, and what she has done for veterans, Clinton answered:

“Well, I, of course, have given money to veterans charities, and John McCain and I actually helped to raise funding for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund at Brooke Army Medical Center to build a rehabilitation facility for veterans to get the very best world-class rehabilitation services.”

Hillary mentioned things she voted for — as part of her job — help for veterans via taxpayer dollars:

I’ve also worked starting as First Lady to deal with some of the problems veterans had, whether it was Agent Orange or whether it was the mysterious illnesses they were bringing back from the Gulf War. I worked as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee on many things. For example, increasing death benefits for families of the fallen from just $12,000 to $100,000, and I worked with Sen. Lindsey Graham to expand healthcare to National Guard and Reserve members, so much of the work I’ve done has meant tens of millions of dollars in increased benefits to veterans and their families as well as a personal commitment.

That was her job. It wasn’t Donald Trump’s job. It’s not clear that Hillary understands the meaning of charity.

The Hillary campaign launched an assault against Trump outside the presser yesterday and the people who were there for Hillary – vets no less – lied.

Yesterday, during the presser, veteran and Republican delegate Al Baldasaro told the media to “get their heads out of their butts” but they obviously haven’t.

Mr. Baldasaro addressed all of the issues.

Mr. Trump has financed veteran monuments; financed parades in New York; sent a plane to pick up 200 Marines stranded in the Middle East; sent $25,000 to the veteran after his release from a Mexican prison — he’s an unsung hero for all he has done for the veterans all these years, Mr. Baldasaro said.

Mr. Trump’s desire to revamp the VA was also discussed in the video below. He would modernize the VA and allow choice. He sought counsel from vets on how and what to do.

Trump gave an example of how the press is treating him dishonestly but there was no mention of that last night or today. However, it was all they talked about this past weekend.


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