Elizabeth Warren Not An Indian & Not A Lawyer


Faux Indian Elizabeth Warren not only fought for a large corporation – Traveler’s Insurance – over the people who were poisoned by asbestos, she then lied and said it wasn’t true when grilled by Senator Brown during the debates. She lied a second time when she said that the Boston Globe backed her story up.

The Globe article supports Brown’s account, not hers. The Globe article indicated the representation was for a period of three years and Warren was paid $212,000. The case resulted in a Supreme Court victory for Travelers arising out of a bankruptcy case in New York.

Legal Insurrection conducted thorough research and has discovered that Elizabeth Warren might have worked on the case without a law license, which is against the law.

via Legal Insurrection

First, on a regular and continuing basis she used her Cambridge office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts. Second, in addition to operating an office for the practice of law without being licensed in Massachusetts, Warren actually practiced law in Massachusetts without being licensed.

When questioned by the Boston Globe, Warren refused to provide details about her private law practice.

She has been licensed to practice law in NJ and Tx but does not appear to have licenses in those states. It is unclear when she became unlicensed in those states but she is unlicensed. She does not appear to have a license in Massachusetts. Legal Insurrection confirmed the information with the Massachusetts bar. Read the details at Legal Insurrection.

Did Legal Insurrection check the Massachusetts Reservation to see if she is registered there?

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