Exclusive: Homeland Security ‘Partnered with’ UN, Triggered Border Crisis


by James Franklin – don’tcomply.com

Even the mainstream media can no longer ignore U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) refusal to follow or enforce federal law.

ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have become possibly the world’s largest human trafficking organization, using buses and commercial airlines to openly transport illegal aliens all over the United States; even to as far away as Alaska, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.

As far back as 2011, independent media and watchdog groups were issuing warnings about the reckless dereliction of duty by ICE that would result in a major crisis.

On June 15, 2012, DHS [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Janet Napolitano issued a memo instructing DHS to refrain from deporting illegal aliens up to the age of 30, thereby circumventing congress by administratively enacting the “DREAM Act”

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) highlighted the Morton Memos, issued by ICE Director John Morton, beginning in March 2011. These memos ordered changes in policy ensuring that ICE and CBP would be unable to perform according to their mandates.

In the October-November 2011 issue of Migration Policy Practice, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced that in March it had ‘partnered’ with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

An IOM/DHS workshop, held around the same time as the first ‘Morton Memo’, planned how to best facilitate a mass migration of illegal immigrants into the United States, or as the IOM summarized it:

“…examined the balance between the need for agile and compassionate responses by immigration systems and the need to preserve the integrity of those systems. Among the key themes raised there were the importance of preparedness and pre-established immigration policies that can be quickly implemented as soon as an emergency occurs; the establishment of mechanisms for quickly identifying individuals in need of international protection; and the critical value of coordination for both the immediate and longer term migration response.” 

On July 18, 2014, the IOM posted this article on their website clearly claiming credit for facilitating the crisis: IOM Stresses Need to Increase Assistance to Unaccompanied Children Traveling to the United States 

Excerpt: “The ability of transit countries to deal with the situation is strained, and once in the U.S., the government’s capacity to properly receive and assist child migrants is equally stretched.

IOM, through its presence in all countries in the region, has considerable experience addressing these challenges.  Through information campaigns, IOM warns parents of the dangers of sending their children north with smugglers.  IOM also works with migrant children and families in shelters in transit countries and when returning home.” (emphasis mine)

DHS and IOM didn’t discuss maintaining border integrity or preventing illegal immigration because the IOM is a U.N. agency with the singular mission of facilitating ‘migration’ with no regard for national sovereignty.

Since this ‘partnership’ was unaccompanied by press releases, it passed unnoticed by the media and the American people. So, in December of 2011, when Government Security News filed a report stating that DHS Secretary Napolitano had “directed ICE to develop a national-level mass migration plan” only a few independent media outlets even bothered mentioning it.

That announcement would be echoed in January 2014, when ICE posted a request on FedBizOpps.gov for Planning, Briefing, and Reporting Anlaysis for Emergency Response and Mass Migration Support only months before the historic influx of illegal immigrants into Texas.

The requests included:

 “Assist in coordination and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate a “Whole Community” approach to comprehensive emergency preparedness facilitating the alignment of leadership guidance, organizational requirements, and equities.”

 “Provide support for program/project management, operations, coordination, planning, and policy support regarding all-hazard emergency/crisis management, preparedness, continuity of operations, and enterprise resilience before, during and after natural/man made and or technological incidents or events.”

The request was posted on January 21st, 2014 with a response date of February 14th.

In hindsight, the posting contained some very ominous indicators disguised by its mundane language. For one, the limited response time certainly gives the request a sense of urgency.

Keywords like ‘preparedness’ and ‘all-hazard emergency/crisis’ are strikingly similar to our news headlines now as we enter the third month of the officially recognized Border Crisis.

Support was sought for ‘enterprise resilience’ bringing to mind widespread looting or even economic collapse “before, during and after natural/man made and or technological incidents or events”

Eerily, it was these three elements that created the Border Crisis.


Reports of numerous pandemic causing diseases have not slowed the regime’s efforts to accommodate anyone willing to violate our border. Central and South American newspapers have for months reported that ‘children’ and families will not be turned away but instead will be eligible to vote and receive welfare. Once again, a statistically unlikely computer glitch has conveniently provided the regime with a form of plausible deniability, just like with Obamacare.

Over the past year, as independent journalists monitored the FedBizOpps site to keep track of the record stockpiling of ammunition and other suspicious acquisitions by the Federal government, several requests by FEMA in August 2013 raised red flags signaling the government’s preparation for some unknown, imminent emergency.

Requests from FEMA were put out for an indefinite supply of freeze-dried food, bottled water for up to four years, cutlery kits, beverage dispensers “capable of holding hot or cold beverages,” paper towel dispensers, assorted tea bags, hot chocolate mix, drink/punch mix, lemonade mix, and assorted fruit juice in bottles.


One of the many ‘shelters’ that the US Federal Government has considered for housing ‘Dreamers’.


That same month, a request was made for emergency shelters, and shelter cleaning kits. Then in February 2014 came a request for 150 manufactured homes per week that could be deployed to any state in the country with the potential to become permanent housing.

Additional orders for Bulk Hygiene Kits, Waste Removal Services and “Evacuation Planning and Operational Support for Motor Coaches” left little room for speculation. The government seemed to know for certain that something terrible was coming.

These preparations finally made sense this summer when an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants started flooding across the border and the Federal Government gave them refuge instead of turning them back.

Why would the U.S. government partner with the United Nations in order to create an immigration emergency that’s predicted to cause an ‘overwhelming public health crisis’ and may possibly be the last nail in the coffin for our domestic economy?


The real question is, given the multi-billion dollar surveillance apparatus that we funded after 9/11 (largely to prevent people from sneaking over our border) and with the omniscience of the NSA at it’s disposal, how could the Border Crisis happen if the Federal government wasn’t allowing it?


James Robert Franklin, dontcomply.comTwitter @mailboxuno

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