Frankenbulls Are Not GMOs


shaved bull

This bull was shaved to show his muscle mass

If you have seen photos of the Belgian Blue bull being used as an example of the dangers of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), you are not getting the full story.

The Belgian Blue is not genetically-altered. It has been bred only through selection, any alterations are from natural selection.

The breed is extremely muscular, with some bulls having a mutated gene which results in double-muscling.

The mutation has been documented in this cow and one other as far back as 1808, but the modern Belgian Blue is the result of intensive selective breeding and inbreeding programs in the 1950′s.  The result is that this breed of cattle has super muscles.

The Blue is prized for its extremely high yield of lean meat. However, the Blue has difficulty birthing calves naturally and requires concentrated protein-rich feed. The environment also has to be carefully selected, making them a less-than popular breed.

Experimentation with genetically-altered bulls is being done in an attempt to find a way to develop hypoallergenic milk. No genetically-altered cows are being used for human consumption nor are they being raised on farms.

This video is being used to show the alleged horrors of GMOs:

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