Goodbye Columbus, Hello Fake Indigenous People


The leftists are restless this Columbus Day. They can sense the coming of the end of our traditional holiday in favor of the alleged descendants of indigenous people, most of whom are actually the descendants of Spanish Conquistadors.

Cities and states are abandoning the holiday piecemeal as Columbus’ PR takes hit after hit.

Holidays, especially Columbus Day, are important in preserving what we view as important in history and they play a role in creating and perpetuating events and ideas. They preserve history. They give us a sense of who we are as a nation. Having a “sense” of history is part of what constitutes history. We have leftists who are doing their best to rewrite it. Their demonization of holidays is an important first step in the process.

If they get to abolish Columbus Day, more holidays will follow. They’ve already transformed Washington’s birthday into the anonymous President’s Day; they’ve added labor day – reminiscent of the Marxist International Workers’ day;  and they are striving to have a national holiday in honor of a Marxist union leader – Cesar Chavez – whose accomplishments are sketchy at best.

July 4th is one truly patriotic day and it’s on the hit list. Leftist history teacher and America-hater, Bill Bigelow of the Zinn Education Project, wants fireworks stopped on July 4th, which is actually Independence Day, because we are all supposedly too war-weary.

He would also have us believe that George Washington was a war criminal and Thomas Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence.

Leftists hate Independence Day as much as they hate the Founding Fathers who were just rich white men to them. The Founding Fathers didn’t accomplish anything according to their creed, the Founding Fathers exploited the collective.

It isn’t just holidays the leftists are after. They don’t like anything patriotic, including The Star Spangled Banner because it makes us proud to be Americans. They will tell you they want the song replaced because it was a song written by hedonists and it stands for our war mongering selves.

Nanny Seattle passed a law in September that fines private citizens and businesses for throwing away too  much food. Before that, their council, which includes a bona fide socialist occupier member, passed a $15 an hour minimum wage. Their latest leftist accomplishment is to eliminate Columbus Day from the public schools in favor of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

There is a nationwide movement to end Columbus Day supported by petitions on

Seattle is joining other states and cities that seek to erase our history and all that is traditional.

Hawaii has “Discoverers’ Day” replacing Columbus Day. South Dakota celebrates “Native Americans Day”.

At least if they took someone from our actual history like Amerigo Vespucci, it would send the message that they are preserving history but they wouldn’t do that. It’s not the goal. They are taking people who do not represent our history and our beginnings as a great nation.

Minneapolis planned to end Columbus Day but, instead, the city has created a brand new and overlapping holiday called “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

The stomping, angry, bitter leftists portray Columbus as the devil. He was neither the devil nor a saint.

What the leftists really want to destroy is far beyond Columbus the explorer. They want to destroy who we are and they want to collapse national pride in our country.

loons against Columbus

If it wasn’t for the Italian-Americans, Columbus Day would have already given way to any of the days representing Marxist ideology.

Having a holiday that focuses on evil America caters to the extreme left. Lauding indigenous people is a way of saying the country was conquered by evil Europeans who had no right to the land.

Most of the alleged Indians behind some of these movements are fake Indians, as authentic as Elizabeth Warren or Ward Churchill. Most tribes will accept people as members who are only one-two hundred and fifty-sixth percent Indian and they don’t really have to prove that. Like Warren, they could talk about their ancestor who had high cheekbones. Many of the posers are from south of the border and have absolutely no indigenous relationship to the Unites States.

LaRaza – which has the very un-PC name ‘The Race’ – organizes many of the protests to end Columbus Day as part of their Reconquista drive.

We have Muslims and various other groups who claim they discovered America and there are publishers willing to put the false theory forward.

Communists are fully behind the movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People Day. I won’t link to Peoples’ World, the communist magazine online, but they have a long piece today lambasting the day with a story about a child and her irrational mother who hated Columbus because they think he was a rapist murderer. They want their indigenous people day.

If we want to continue as the United States of America, which Ronald Reagan called ‘the great experiment in human freedom’, we better start by preserving that ‘sense of history’ our holidays represent. We won’t be worth much as just another tyrannical nation where the people aren’t free and the children have nothing better to aspire to.

Columbus Day is a celebration of the founding of America and it celebrates Italian-American immigrants who really did help make America a better place.

Columbus Day

Killing holidays is a way to kill the American Dream and the people who made America what she is – a great country.

We can’t have the future if we believe in nothing and hate who we are.