Gov. Mike Pence – “Avalanche of Intolerance Poured on our State Is Just Outrageous”


Mike Pence

Indiana’s new religious freedom law is being shamelessly attacked by people on the left and in the media for imagined bias against gays. The law merely gives everyone the same rights as everyone else to go to court. It’s no different than the 1993 Religious Freedom Act.

It affirms religious freedom and nothing else.

The right of conscience has always been one of our most important First Amendment rights but it has been under assault by the Obama administration.

The Religious Freedom Act has been critical in saving religious freedom in the United States.

The recent Hobby Lobby case was not fought and won on constitutional grounds, it was fought on the basis of a 1993 law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act, (RFRA)) passed by Congress almost unanimously and signed by Bill Clinton. When Kathleen Sebelius put through the HHS mandate forcing companies to pay for birth control, abortifacients and surgical sterilizations, she violated the 1993 law according to the Justices.

If the Justices did not find for Hobby Lobby, they would have been in effect saying that it is okay for someone in a government agency to violate a law passed by Congress.

A finding for the government would have eliminated Freedom of Religion.

The new Indiana law says nothing different than the federal law.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence said he will clarify the law but he will not change it.

He also said he won’t stand for the attacks, distortions and overreach by the federal government. It is in no way an attack on anyone else including the LGBT community.

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Sooper Mexican reported the following tweet on Right Scoop. The tweet is by Elizabeth Ashack, an economist at the Dept. of Labor, who eventually deleted it.

from the right scoo[

It’s typical comment from the left.

The Seattle mayor has prohibited government employees from traveling to Indiana.

Some in the NCAA want to pull out of Indiana.

Weasel Zippers reports that far-left moonbat Cher called it the same as ‘slavery’.

This isn’t about bigotry against gays, it’s about the government denying people religious freedom.

Connecticut has a similar law to Indiana, only tougher. In fact, 19 states have religious freedom acts.

Perhaps if Indiana passed a law protecting gays, it would quell this ridiculous over-reaction.


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