Hillary Is Said to Be Inconsolable, Is Pointing Blame


Ed Klein said that Hillary Clinton called an old friend this morning and was crying inconsolably. She was blaming FBI Director James Comey for her loss.

It’s not Comey’s fault she treated national secrets like the household grocery list. She also is said to have blamed Barack Obama for not doing enough. What more could he have done? Put her in office with an executive order? Hillary felt he should have stopped Comey.

It’s not Comey’s fault or Obama’s fault she lied 50 million times.

This was her whole life from the time she married Bill. She wanted to be president and she sacrificed everything for it. Her entire life’s ambition was in her grasp and it was snatched away from her, but it’s her fault.

She also had to know all the terrible things her so-called friends and allies said about her, as we know from the Wikileaks emails.

And what happens to that Foundation now? All those people who thought they were buying influence are going to fade away. Her career is over. She is physically not well and Republicans are in power.

  • And now the Clintons’ speaking fees won’t pay cab fare and the only place they’ll get invited to Bubba’s Booby Barn and the Mustang Ranch. Bill will love it.

  • These crybabies should be nailed for threatening to kill a president elect. Any violent ‘protesters’ should be charged and forced to pay any and all damages caused. If they receive any government assistance it should be immediately stopped and stopped for their lifetime

  • Yeah, if you think this article is going to elicit sympahy, you’re wrong. That woman is a liar, a traitor, a liar, a multiple murderer, a liar, a pedophile, a liar, a self-aggrandizing money whore, a liar, a rapist sympathizer and enabler, a liar and a spirit cooking devil worshipper. She shouldn’t even be allowed around other people much less in a position of power. Putting her in the white hut would be like allowing Roman Polansky to open a day care. We dodged a real bullet here America – now lets be a good boy and wish it in the cornfield and never think of this again.

  • Great remarkable statements, folks!!! Thanks be to GOD for the enlightenment of the countless smart & intelligent American patriotic beliefs. We certainly did it!!! Astoundingly in epic proportion!!! Heavenly power… kindly keep our President Donald Joseph TRUMP & Vice President Mike PENCE safe and secure everywhere they may go…

    • @Delia – I so absolutely agree with your statement. God keep President Donald J. Trump safe and out of harm’s way, please continue to cover this nation with your loving hand, please guide us through this nightmare, please allow all of us with our eyes open to Thank You, Lord for answering our prayers. God Bless you, Delia, God Bless everyone in this nation, I truly pray that our nation makes it through these rough times in one, solid, stronger piece.

  • lol i wonder how many people have her on a hit list now. maybe a few that donated to their foundation??? just saying////