Hundreds of Black-Hooded Hooligans Invade Brussels Peace March


Anti-refugee and pro-refugee groups battled it out at a Brussels memorial today with police using water cannons on the anti-refugee groups the media called far-right since they put anyone against massive unvetted immigration under one broad umbrella.

The media reported that they were raising their hands in Nazi salutes, which may be the case. However, many of these angry “protesters” were visibly raising fists and sporting fists on their signs. The fist usually represents communism.

The group of about 450 nationalists were described as “hooligans” by the press and were dressed in black as they reportedly trampled flowers and menaced the peace marchers, some of whom were Muslim.

On the other hand, many of the people in Brussels are responding to the terror attack by holding peace marches and laying flowers down in the street. They couldn’t even get people to attend one yesterday so it was canceled. The people in Brussels have lauded the cartoonists for drawing a famous Belgian statue urinating on the terrorists and called them “defiant”. Is that it? That’s how they are going to respond? They’re doing the tango also.

These peace marches are like the ridiculous hashtag campaign to bring back our girls in Nigeria. Most of those 200 girls never did come back after they were kidnapped by Boko Haram.


Notice the fists, not Nazi salutes in the next photos.

Speaking of Nazis. Nazis should never have been labeled far-right and it’s amazing the leftist rewriters of history haven’t found a way to call communists far-right. They were totalitarians and took from left and right ideologies.

black rioters2