JP Morgan Chase Kicked Kanye Out of Their Bank


WOKE JP Morgan Chase.

JP Morgan Chase kicked Kanye West out of their bank. He has until the end of November to find another bank for his empire. They didn’t give a reason, but it’s likely over his recent anti-Semitic tweets, which he has since deleted. Why is Chase getting involved in this?

Does this mean the bank will review all their records and delete everyone who did anything wrong?

Chase is making a WOKE statement to show how moral they are, even though they’re not.

Candace Owens wrote about the impact of this in a series of tweets.

“I have blacked out the names of the other two people on his team that are named in this letter to protect their privacy.

“As I gather my thoughts about this, I want to say that I do not care what you think about Ye West— but I very much care what you think about this.

“We have reached extremely frightening times in this country. Who or what has landed us into these times is an ongoing discussion which I would like to open up. Tonight I am focusing on my BLM documentary premiere. We will revisit this crucial topic tomorrow.”

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3 months ago

How can a Publicly Traded Bank do that! That’s like Walmart say you can shop there because they don’t like your BLM Hat.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

This needs to be followed, and updated to see what is the final resolution