Kanye could move HQ to Wyoming but Asian workers could be out of work, huh?


The left is mad at Kanye now for ruining sweatshops and “hurting” the sweatshop workers by wanting to open a factory in America.

According to the tabloid, The Daily Mail, “Kanye West’s plans to move his Adidas Yeezy headquarters to Wyoming could save him millions in taxes but also could spell disaster for Adidas workers in Asia who risk being left jobless by the move, a charity group exclusively told DailyMail.com.”


“Clean Clothes Campaign, the leading global NGO alliance fighting sweatshop conditions, advised West that if Adidas Yeezy makes any changes to its production line, then it needs to act responsibly or risk harming workers.”

Yeah, but that’s Asia, hello!

“Clean Clothes Campaign cautioned West against moving too quickly, pointing to other examples in Asia where Adidas suddenly pulled out and left thousands of poorly paid workers without jobs, some of whom earn no more than $3-a-day.”

What about American workers??? Are we really this lost? Remember when Kathy Lee Gifford was maligned for her factory that hired low-paying workers? She didn’t even know.

West will abandon sweatshop conditions in foreign factories and save millions in taxes. But, but, it will hurt the NGO alliance. They won’t get paid.

Yeezy is looking at America First and at American workers. The NGOs doubt he will move his factories to America. According to them, it’s just talk, but they shouldn’t underestimate Yeezy.



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