Key Senator Assails Clinton’s “Deplorable” Lies to Win Appointment as Secretary of State


A top Senate Republican called on President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation received special access to Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary of State.

Senator John Cornyn told The Hill in an interview published on Monday that he believed she deceived the Senate to win confirmation as secretary of state in 2009.

He originally held up her nomination to make certain foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation did not receive special access to Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

“This is not an effort to scuttle or block the nomination, but a legitimate policy difference,” Cornyn spokesman Kevin McLaughlin said at the time. “Senator Cornyn’s goal is to create transparency on all levels of government.”

Eight years ago, Clinton lied and tricked the Senate, Sen. Cornyn basically concluded.

Sen. Cornyn went along with her nomination after she promised to “do everything in my power to make sure that the good work of the Foundation continues without there being any untoward affects [sic] on me and my service and be very conscious of any questions that are raised.”

She also referenced a 2008 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the then-Clinton Foundation CEO Bruce Lindsey and Valerie Jarrett, the woman in charge of Obama’s transition team.

The MOU outlined an “agreed to a set of protocols that would apply to the Foundation’s activities to supplement any existing State Department protocols for managing conflicts of interests, and the appearance of conflicts of interest….”  Among other promises, pursuant to the MOU, the Foundation pledged to “publish annually the names of new contributors…” and former President Bill Clinton agreed to no longer “solicit funds” on its behalf.

She hasn’t followed the rules nor has she abided by the law.

“When I put a hold on Mrs. Clinton’s nomination as Secretary of State, she reassured me that they would take appropriate steps,” Sen. Cornyn told The Hill. “As seems to be usual for the Clintons, they crossed the line and all the concerns that she reassured me would not occur did in fact occur.”

He added, “She was playing both sides. As she was performing her job of secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation was shaking down donors who were buying access. It’s absolutely deplorable.”

Sen. Cornyn cited various reports in recent weeks that show the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation did not comply with prior ethics pledges.

He called on President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor.

Clinton Foundation Is the “Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud in World History”

Source: Lawnewz




  1. What a convenient way to lose something – claim it was lost in the mail – as if there would not be a paper trail of such an important item. If I were an investigator I would suspect the missing devices were used to sell information. That is a way to transmit data without any electronic record….. If one considers the larger picture – the reckless loss and transmission of sensitive data, the Foundation selling influence with foreign powers, the enrichment of Clinton associates, the shadow corporations such as Teneo involved in technology transfer – it is certain that this is multiple cases of espionage, warranting multiple arrests. This is an anti-US spy ring,…… This is what the counter-culture movement of the 60s has produced.

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