Lamont Hill: Watching Dorner Was Exciting-He Had Legitimate Complaints

Lamont Hill
Lamont Hill

CNN is coming a long way under Zucker. They now put panelists on air who hate cops so much that they applaud the mission of Chris Dorner, spree killer.

Dorner was wronged, he had a plan, a message, a mission, it’s police brutality, racism, he was a real life superhero, it was like watching Django Unchained – that was exciting. Police brutality in LAPD, that’s the problem, it was awful him killing innocent people…

Those are the words of Dr. Lamont Hill, Professor and TV commentator, discussing spree killer Chris Dorner on a CNN panel. He was joined by another panelist who attacked the police. She agreed with Hill though she added, “Yeah, it’s out of weirdness.” Weirdness? It was weirdness? Not insane, vicious, unwarranted evil against innocents?

Check it out here:

Dorner wrote, as most now know, a crazed paranoid and narcissistic manifesto with alleged wrongs going back to elementary school. The wrong that he said led to his murder spree was his being fired from the LAPD in 2009.

Judging from his behavior, it was with good reason. He murdered four innocent young people, two of whom were police officers. Both police officers had two young children.

The Dorner chase was exciting to Hill. It was like watching Denzel Washington to him. He believes Dorner had legitimate complaints. Really? How does he know that? The complaints were investigated and foolishly, the police are investigating it again.

This is disgusting, outrageous, a violation of decent morals, and Lamont Hill should not be teaching with his “hate police” mentality. People should not be turning a vicious murderer into a symbol of fighting for justice.

This Dorner case is being turned into a police brutality situation by Dr. Lamont Hill and another female panelist. These two are really rejecting authority. It’s not just these two unfortunately. There are a lot more just like them.

These are the words of the wife of murdered Riverside police officer, Michael Crain: