It’s Immoral to Watch Football


We have a new term we can coin, immoral TV watching. The Superbowl is coming up and if you thought football would be free of politics, you underestimated the control freaks in our society. There will be 120 million “immoral” people on Sunday in the USA.

The leftists want to abolish our traditions, erase our culture, alter our holidays because they hate traditional America.

A man named Tom Krattenmaker wants you to know that it’s immoral to watch football because of concussions men receive while playing the game. He feels so strongly that he wrote about it in USA Today.

Krattenmaker is a member of the USA Today Board of Contributors who writes about religion.  He is tied to Yale Divinity School and blah, blah, blah.

He himself no longer watches other peoples’ children get banged around, as he puts it while he goes guilt trippin’, and he notes that others won’t let their children play but they will watch it themselves. Quoting a statistic from a religiously oriented group, he says 31% don’t let their own children play but will watch others play.

Oh, horrors!

Krattenmaker hints at football’s racist qualities when he says kids from poor neighborhoods go into it out of desperation. He calls it indirect killing. Hence, the immorality of watching.

Juxtapose the sport’s massive spectator popularity with our growing knowledge of its dangers, and with the reality that most of the men playing in the NFL are black and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds, and you end up with a creepy feeling.[…]

But as the years pass, I suspect qualms like mine will start infiltrating more fans’ heads. More will begin to see the ways in which our football spectating resembles the “sport” perpetrated in The Hunger Games, albeit without the direct killing. More of us realize that what we take to be a “game” that young men “play” is actually not a game, but a path out of poverty pursued mainly by the desperate.

Hunger games?

We have anecdotes and the movie, Concussion with Will Smith, but does that stop you immoral watchers of football? No!

But is this having any effect on our country’s passion for the fascinating, violent sport that holds our attention more than any other, by far?

The author does believe football will one day be gone and that is probably true because the left won’t quit until they get their way. They seek to control everything.

The far-left, which is now the Democrat Party, doesn’t know how to have fun. They have to control, damage and destroy. That’s what they do best.



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