Michelle Obama Thinks She’s Curing Childhood Obesity



Michelle Obama, no lightweight herself

Michelle Obama launched a childhood anti-obesity program as First Lady based on wobbly statistics. But take comfort! She is now taking credit for making all of our children less fat based on more faux statistics.

Speaking before an auditorium full of admirers at Orr Elementary School, Mrs. O said that her ‘Let’s Move’ program ensures healthy and bright futures for all of our children.

She said she had her doubts when she started the program, but now [thanks to her] child obesity rates are falling in 19 states for the first time!

“The statistics were staggering, and so many people were skeptical about our chances to make a real difference,” Mrs. Obama declared.

“Just look at the numbers:  Between 2008 and 2011, for the first time in decades — you hear me — for the first time in decades, obesity rates among low-income preschoolers dropped in 19 states and territories across this country.  (Applause.)  And child obesity rates are falling in cities like New York and Philadelphia; in states like California and Mississippi.  In fact, back when we started Lets Move, Mississippi was known as one of least healthy states in America.  But today, they’re reporting a 13 percent drop in obesity rates in elementary school kids in that state.”

To quote her, she is responsible for Americans, schools, and politicians “making changes in their homes, schools, in their businesses and communities.  They started making changes in laws and policies.  And today, we’re seeing the results — the kind of results that we could never have imagined when we first started out.”

She’s amazing! Just like her husband!


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