Now Sebellius Wants Control Of Your Food


If a person dies from lung cancer, it’s the tobacco industry’s fault (at least Sebellius would have us believe that). Why stop there? If someone drowns, it’s the city’s fault for not having a lifeguard there every minute of every day or for not installing an electrified fence. If a person commits a crime, it’s the teacher’s fault or society’s fault. If you are fat, it’s McDonald’s fault. NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS IN THE NANNY STATE. That’s why we need the government to tell us what to do in every aspect of our lives. It’s also why we will lose our money, our rights and our freedoms as they take over more and more of our lives – don’t let them do it.

HHS’ Kathleen Sebellius talked about the new horror photos to be mandated as labels on tobacco packages from now on, but then the questions got to food. Sebellius blames the FOOD INDUSTRY for obesity and has some nanny ideas about expensive food-labeling to be required by the nanny U.S. Consumers will pay plenty for this ridiculous new tobacco style mandate. And that will only be the beginning if we allow this intrusion on our freedoms.

Cheap foods are particularly in danger here and are being blamed for every illness, especially those particular to minorities. From The Daily Caller: – The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allied with professional advocacy groups, such as Center for Science in the Public Interest, and with leading Democratic politicians, to blame the food-sector for increasing obesity rates in the American population, and especially among African-Americans. Read here: Regulate food nanny style