Obama Confidante Backs Muslim Human Rights Abuser in Nigerian Election


Political consulting firm, AKPD, founded by Obama administration confidante David Axelrod has been backing and working with Nigerian opposition leader Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim and a Progressive, in his fight to oust Christian incumbent Jonathan Goodluck in the upcoming presidential elections.

The firm denied involvement after the kidnappings of 200 Christian school girls in March 2014, but Washington Free Beacon found out otherwise through a series of FOIA requests.

Buhari  claims he is an agent of change but his reign in the 1980s was oppressive, marked by scandal and human rights abuses.

His government cracked down on civil rights, arrested opposition forces, intimidated journalists critical of his government.

He also created laws that protected the richest persons in society, while simultaneously suppressing those who dared to oppose him.

His stance on gay rights is Draconian and he supports a tougher bill than Goodluck’s gay bill.

In 1984, Buhari passed Decree Number 4, the Protection Against False Accusations Decree, considered by scholars to be the most repressive press law ever enacted in Nigeria.

According to one section of the law, “Any person who publishes in any form, whether written or otherwise, any message, rumour, report or statement […] which is false in any material particular or which brings or is calculated to bring the Federal Military Government or the Government of a state or public officer to ridicule or disrepute, shall be guilty of an offense under this Decree”.

Offending journalists and publishers were tried by military tribunal and subject to high fines and a jail sentence of up to two years.

Two Guardian journalists were jailed under the law.

He ordered the kidnapping of Umaru Dikko, an outspoken political opponent in London and a man of some ill-repute. Buhari fought with Britain over it for years.

He was deposed in a 1985 coup.

A pending International Criminal Court case  against Buhari alleged that during the 2011 presidential election, Buhari (who ran for president in that election as well) called on his supporters to “kill” their fellow Nigerians which they did on his orders as proven by video and audio evidence.

The attacks were well-documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

Buhari devotees dragged families from their homes and butchered them en masse, raped women, and burned churches to the ground because Buhari lost the election.

This is who David Axelrod, Obama’s advisor and confidante, backs.

It’s also interesting that Barack Obama stopped military funding to Nigeria leading up to the election.

Sources:Washington Free BeaconHuffington Post, Wiki


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