Obama Flies Bo to the Vineyard on His Own Chopper, Dough Objects


First Dog Bo was airlifted to the Vineyard on his own chopper while the Obamas took separate planes, according to the telegraph.

PD*68495122Photo of Bo arriving on his own private, taxpayer-funded chopper

We didn’t see Dough the Obama dog on the plane so we gave him a call to ask him if he too had his own private transport and we discovered he did! [For those who don’t know about Dough the Obama dog, he is the dog the Obama’s don’t want you to know about. His autobiography can be found on top under satire and entertainment]

Dough sent us a picture of his transport which you can see here.

Dough travels to the Vineyard

Photo of Dough riding atop the secret service limo

He said it was hard to stay on top of the car, especially when they were traveling 90 mph.

I asked him why he was forced to travel atop the secret service vehicle.

He said, “I think it’s payback because my master found out I voted for Mitt Romney. He also found my secret stash of Romney for President buttons.’

Dough couldn’t talk for long. Obama took his cell phone away and Dough was using the maid’s phone .

Before he hung up, we asked him if Obama had a food taster on this trip and Dough said, ‘I don’t know but I’ve hired one for myself until my master stops talking about how delicious dog tastes. He’s not talking about hot dogs.’

Hopefully his vacation will get better from here.