Obama Will Give Huge Healthcare Subsidies to Unions – Video


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The unions have been very quiet since union leaders met with Mr. Obama to discuss Obamacare exemptions this past summer. The unions were incensed over the impact of Obamacare on their members’ healthcare plans.

The reason we haven’t heard from them is probably because they were promised a carve out.

They have now been given their carve out.

Sebelius has quietly put a carve out in the Obamacare rules that will only apply to unions. There will be at least $6oo million put into a fund to pay for union Cadillac healthcare plans. No one else will get this exemption – only unions. No one knows where the money is coming from to pay for this.

The union Cadillac plans provide for viagra, plastic surgery and every imaginable medical want or desire. The taxpayers will be paying for this one way or the other.

Obama is buying their silence.

The rest of us won’t get this carve out. We are supposed to pay 41% more in our premiums.

This is corruption and cronyism at its best.

Check out the video from last night’s show, The Kelly File:

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