One-Third of Guantanamo Detainees Will Be Released by Obama

Guantanamo Bay Prison


We just had an attack on our Libyan Embassy, most likely led by a terrorist released from Guantanamo in 2007 to a prison in Libya. He was released by them a year later. Ironically, this same prisoner helped depose Qaddafi, the man who released him.

The recidivism rate of these people is high.

President Obama now wants to release one-third of the prisoners in Guantanamo to third-world Middle Eastern countries. The people he wants to release are so desirable that no country wants them. Maybe we’ll bribe some to take them. That seems to be our tactic for getting Obamacare passed and for keeping Islamists feelings from being too hurt.

Many of the soon-to-be released detainees are Al-Qaeda recruits. One was bin-Laden’s guard – fabulous!

Most of the detainees claimed to have been tortured but the government denies it – the government water boarded only three men and it wasn’t any of these detainees. It is a claim that plays well in the press, true or not. It works for the ACLU, who are happy about the release of the detainees, provided they have somewhere to go. Sure makes me feel secure to know the ACLU is all for it.

The Independent Sentinel conducted a phone survey of 1000 registered voters with +13 Democrat because few people are Republicans according to the liberal pollsters. The results showed that 100% of Democrats prefer to be obliterated with Obama drones while 100% of Independents and Republicans would prefer capture and water boarding. [I’m being facetious of course, but the reality of the situation is just as absurd.]

This is part of a pattern by this administration. In May, the president released Taliban prisoners if they promised to be good.

The Obama administration doesn’t believe in taking prisoners and interrogating them for information. He’d rather kill them with drones.

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