#PodestaEmails: Hello North American Union, Goodbye USA


Our government has been discussing a North American Union of Canada, Mexico and the US. and in her speeches to bankers, Hillary spoke of open free trade in the Northern Hemisphere which could include the narco and Communist states in Central America and South America.

Hillary has said those who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally unAmerican”.

In Email 1459, Progressives are hawking a movie to create a burst of economic explosion for a North American Union similar to the one Reagan created when he went to Berlin and said “Tear down this wall.”

The film begins with a lie, that we stole the Southwest and we must redress the wrong. Look up La Reconquista.


Then there is the mock interview with Greta on Fox News of the two protagonists.


Then comes another lie:


They also know NAFTA cost 1 million jobs. They don’t care because free trade is not the agenda.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Because the European Union has been such a rousing success! Not.