Prelude to Our Future Life in Hell – Iran Detains Western Cargo Ship in International Waters


Once Iran has control of the Middle Eastern region and beyond with its potential to soon launch ICBMs and sell uranium, which they have already promised to do, they will continue to lie as they have, only now they will be far more dangerous to the US and the world. The game they are playing in The Strait of Hormuz is only the beginning of what our life will be like once the nuke deal is finalized.

We have made Iran a very important player in the world and they are the most dangerous sponsors of terror in the world.

On Tuesday, the US Navy sent a destroyer to to Persian Gulf after Iran sized a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship, the Maersk Tigris with 24 crew members.

While traveling through the Strait of Hormuz, they were detained by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps who claimed they were trespassing.

The ship was traveling through “an internationally recognized maritime route.”

Iran fired on them and the ship sent a distress call.

The Farragut is in the area monitoring.

Americans played the situation down of course because nothing must interfere with the bad nuke deal.

We have a “free association” agreement with the Marshall Islands to protect them. This is yet another ally we can betray.

An attack and seizure like this has not been done since WWII.

It is a response to the US sending ships to protect the region around the Strait and Yemen from Iranian weapons ships. It is, however, primarily a warning to Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Our life under Iranian domination in the region will be hell, especially with our administration schmoozing with them and pretending Iran is no longer an adversary.

 Iran, the nuke proliferation state spoke for 113 nonproliferation states. They are now recognized as a nuclear threshold state. Go to 54:48 – it’s not a joke.

Source: NY Times


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