Rubio Breaks with Gang of Eight



Photo of Marco Rubio

Rubio did not vote to table the Cornyn Amendment Thursday. The vote to table the amendment was 54-43 (53 against Cornyn). Senators want a different border security package sponsored by Hoeven and Corker – allegedly.

The other 7 members of the Gang of Eight along with Rand Paul voted to table the bill (against Cornyn).

The amendment included the building of the fence. Since the fence has already been approved, someone needs to explain to me how you vote against it.

Cornyn’s amendment included mandatory border security triggers be in place before immigrants are given legal status. Democrats do not want to secure the border. I am not sure about Republicans.

Cornyn’s “Results” amendment required the border enforcement standards in the underlying Gang of Eight bill be met before any legalization status is given.

“My amendment is designed to turn border security rhetoric into reality. More specifically it would have a trigger,” Cornyn said ahead of the vote Thursday.

Supposedly, the other seven members of the Gang of Eight are angry with Rubio for breaking from the group. It could be true or not. If he wants to ever win another election, he needs to break from that bill as it is currently written.

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