Sharyl Attkisson, David Petraeus, Mike Morell and Our Tinpot Dictatorship


Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, former CIA Director General David Petraeus and Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell all reacted differently to Mr. Obama’s tinpot dictatorship. A sleazy government has a way of revealing a person’s true character.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson sued the DOJ (Department of Justice) and USPS (United States Postal Service), Attorney General Eric Holder and Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, et al for $34 million for hacking her computer and her phones. She has three separate confirmations that the federal government did it, possibly even planting top secret documents on her computer.

The government denied it with “carefully parsed words” as the Daily Beast describes it but Attkisson told them “We can’t just take the word of the government when it says something. I wish we could.”

The defendants issued a “qualified denial” as Attkisson said.

The FBI apparently has a 5,000-page file on the hacking and other issues concerning Attkisson but they won’t let her read it and they rejected her FOIA request.

She is suing the federal government to let the public know they don’t have to be victimized by the government – we can fight back she says.

Attkisson has followed several of Obama’s scandals and she is now following the General Petraeus situation who is facing possible charges for leaked secret documents.

Listen to Ms. Attkisson explain her situation as of November of last year:

This is an administration that spied on the AP, a Fox reporter, is known to threaten reporters and TV stations, and has prosecuted more whistleblower cases than all previous administrations combined.

Having been a victim of government bullying, she is the right person to investigate the details around General Petraeus’ case.

It is possible that General Petraeus is guilty. He might have allowed his mistress, a journalist, to have access to classified documents though he says he did not and, when offered a plea deal, he refused.

At least he didn’t reveal classified information to a Soviet spy as did JFK while in bed with her.

Petraeus’ mistress, Ms. Broadwell, wasn’t using the material for nefarious purposes but he is being charged with a felony just the same. She also had security clearance.

Petraeus is an American hero who is possibly going to be charged with a felony despite the fact that far worse missteps have never been charged.

The far-left has wanted him discredited and pilloried for the past two years.

Aside from the possibility that he is guilty, why did it take more than two years to bring charges and why was this leaked to the NY Times two days ago after two years?

So much for the speedy trial.

Last month, Sen. McCain said if charges are going to be brought, they should be brought.

Many believe that the charges hanging over Petraeus’ head were to keep him from talking about Benghazi since he indicated his story was different from the administration’s.

Charges have been brought and now it is up to Attorney General Eric Holder to decide if he will be indicted.

Both Senators McCain and Graham have condemned the leaking of the charges. McCain called it “outrageous.”

“Is it appropriate to leak information that is supposed to be kept sealed until the decision [about seeking an indictment] is make?” McCain asked on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“It’s a violation of any citizen’s rights to have that information leaked, much less a man that is a genuine American hero.”

“While the facts of the case involving General David Petraeus remain unknown and are not suitable for comment, it is clear that this investigation has been grievously mishandled,” McCain said in a statement Saturday with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).


Attkisson covered the General Petraeus case in her book, Stonewalled. She found the timing intriguing because it wasn’t until after the Benghazi attacks that Petraeus’ loyalty was questioned. He wasn’t fully onboard with Obama’s creative fable.

As the faux video narrative was being pushed by the administration, Petraeus was giving the House Intelligence Committee in a classified briefing the information about the al-Qaeda links.

Petraeus disapproved of the final version of the Talking Points and thought they wouldn’t be used but his deputy Mike Morell and the White House approved them.

Mike Morell was given a position as an intelligence, national security and counterterrorism contributor at CBS News last January, despite his egregious errors over Benghazi and his deceptive tactics in the ensuing investigations.

Morell admitted that he deliberately allowed Congress to reach a false conclusion about the events at Benghazi. He did so by remaining silent when Clapper was asked at the Benghazi hearing about who changed the Talking Points. He was sitting right next to Clapper at the time.

Mike Morell and Jay Carney, White House press secretary, had repeatedly said that no substantive changes were made to the talking points.

Morell admitted he read the Station Chief’s cable that it was a terrorist attack but he said he disagreed at the time. Nearly all CIA sources confirmed it was a terror attack.

Sen. Graham alleged that Morell told him that it was the FBI and not the CIA and himself who edited the Benghazi talking points.

Morell later admitted he personally changed the Talking Points, omitting references to al Qaeda and it being a terror attack.

For his deception, he was rewarded with a job at CBS where the president of the station David Rhodes is a brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser who was very involved in the reporting of the Talking Points.

From 2011 until 2012, AG Eric Holder was involved in investigating the Petraeus-Broadwell affair but allegedly didn’t feel the need to mention it to his friend and boss, Barack Obama.

Then Benghazi happened 9/11/12 and the Obama administration expressed frustration over Petraeus not toeing-the-line. It was at that time the FBI reached out to Congress to discuss Petraeus’ indiscretions.

The Republicans under Eric Cantor keep it confidential in the run-up to the election. Supposedly they didn’t talk with the White House either.

Director of National Intelligence Clapper was told about Petraeus November 6th. He’s the head of the CIA and didn’t know – allegedly!!! Clapper told Petraeus to resign for national security purposes though the FBI said the opposite prior to the election.

The White House was told November 7th but the president wasn’t told – supposedly – until November 8th.

If it’s not in the newspapers, Obama doesn’t know about it!

Petraeus’ resignation was accepted by Obama on November 9th.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark but one thing is certain, in the end, Sharyl Attkisson will come out as a courageous warrior for the First Amendment and the free press.

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