Sheriff Clarke – “Social Order in Baltimore Is Totally Collapsed, These Cops Were Led Into Slaughter”


The police were in full retreat in Baltimore all day and evening. They were continuously pushed back by mobs.

Sheriff Clarke said “the social order in Baltimore is totally collapsed…it’s a failure of leadership, the poor cops were led into slaughter, they didn’t have the resources…there obviously wasn’t a plan to deal with this thing…” He said the one thing he hates to see is the police in retreat.

At least fifteen officers were hurt today and hundreds of roving mobs caused mayhem all day, but the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, didn’t think that was enough for her to put the curfew in place this evening. It will begin tomorrow.

All four corners of Baltimore are burning, especially West Baltimore.

While stores are being looted, the police are laying back. Mobs of criminals are looting throughout the city.

Listen to Sheriff Clarke in the next video. A man interviewed at the end claims the looters just want answers in way of an explanation for all this.


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