Sheriff David Clarke Posted a Video That Puts a Hurt on This Candidate’s Campaign


Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee obviously isn’t too happy about John Kasich who appears to be anti-gun and anti-cop. He posted a video of Kasich calling a cop an “idiot” for giving him a ticket he deserved but Kasich looks like the idiot because he lied about what happened to a group of Ohio EPA workers. This happened at a time when cops are being treated with tremendous disrespect by the left. Kasich’s a bit of a worm and a phony.

Kasich has shown his anti-gun side.

In 1994, when he was a US Congressman John Kasich voted for the Clinton Gun and Magazine ban and as Governor of Ohio Kasich signed medicaid reform that contained a version of “see a shrink lose your guns.

Sheriff Clarke wasn’t done with that one tweet. He put out two more which should kill his campaign which is already on life support. It’s safe to say that Sheriff Clarke won’t be voting for Kasich and I bet a lot of other officers won’t either.


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