Time Photographer Refuses to Follow Directions, Agent Takes Him Down


Time has contacted the Secret Service to complain about an agent who they believe overreacted and manhandled one of their photographers who tried to leave his area during a Trump rally at the same time as members of the hate group Black Lives Matter group were being thrown out.

Wherever BlackLivesMatter are, it’s a potentially dangerous situation.

The photographers Christopher Morris tried to push past the agent to leave his area as raucous BlackLivesMatter protesters were being escorted out. He cursed at the agent who then grabbed his throat and threw him to the ground. The photographer then began kicking the agent furiously to keep him away. As he was being escorted out, he grabbed the agent’s throat in what he said was a demonstration of what was done to him.

Time photographers refused to follow agent's directions
Time photographers refused to follow agent’s directions

Three separate phone videos show the incident. They are all combined into this one video below.



  1. It was obvious, security in the midst of handling a potentially dangerous and volatile situation, when Secret Service tells you to stay put, STAY PUT.

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