U.S. Will Pay to Bring Back Dangerous Crazy People


Adam Sandler

This is crazy! The U.S government will now pay to return violent and non-violent mentally ill deportees back to the United States because those are our values now.

Judge Dolly Gee
Judge Dolly Gee

Federal Judge Dolly M. Gee has ruled that mentally deficient illegal aliens, even the violent paranoid schizophrenics, can all return to the U.S. This applies to people deported from 2011 until current day.

We will pay to bring them back!!!

Under the agreement, the federal government said it will help those with reopened cases return to the U.S. and pay for some transportation costs.

“This is really a historic settlement,” said Carmen Iguina, staff attorney for the ACLU of Southern California, one of the groups that filed the 2010 lawsuit that led to the settlement.

“We’re really happy that our class members are going to be able to go back to their communities and families and follow up their cases here,” Iguina said.

The ACLU said these deportees are in danger of commitment in their native countries. So much better to let them roam our neighborhoods.

Another huge success for the far, far-left ACLU! This shouldn’t come as a surprise since we are already releasing tens of thousands of criminal aliens onto our streets each year. Why not insane criminal illegal aliens?

The ACLU has found about 900 of these deportees, mostly Latino, and there could be more.

And people wonder why Donald Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, is so popular.

Judge Gee is a reliable immigration leftist. In a July ruling, she made it almost impossible to deport anyone who claims to be a family member, even if they are criminals. She ordered the government to release all illegal immigrant children and their parents from detention.

illegal families

Border Agents have said that traffickers are pretending they are transporting families to ease their travels across the border. We also know that some of these “children” are gang members. Border Patrol said in June 2014, that gangbangers are not being stopped.

We have been shipping the “families” to other states, putting them on welfare and giving them liberal lawyers so they don’t get deported. With Judge Gee’s order, we won’t need the lawyers, they will simply be released.

In July, we didn’t consider the possibility that all the mentally deficient would be brought back. That should take care of everyone.

Thanks to these amoral immigration policies which place no regard on Americans, we get freaks like the creep in this video.

These amoral immigration policies put Americans in danger and because of them we end up with people like the creep described in the video.

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Source: Fox News and Truth Revolt

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