Veterans Affairs wants your Mental Success Story

Photo by Cpl. Daniel Blatter, 1st Marine Division

The Department of Veterans Affairs, along with the American Legion, are seeking veterans who have been successfully treated for a mental condition. Together, they have formed a campaign called, “Make the Connection,” which is aimed towards mental awareness and attracting veterans to feel more comfortable seeking mental treatment.  There will be VA Representatives available at this year’s American Legion Conference in Minneapolis to hear your story.  For those unable to attend, you can email

VA seeking mental health stories

The American Legion – August 11, 2011

The American Legion is asking its members planning on attending the 2011 National Convention in Minneapolis to share their stories of mental health treatment with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division is working with VA on a mental health anti-stigma campaign called “Make the Connection.” During the national convention, VA representatives will be in the convention center to interview American Legion members about their mental health treatment to encourage other veterans to reach out for assistance.



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