Vindictive Hack Charlie Crist Calls Republicans Racists


Charlie Crist, former RINO turned Democrat, went on The Colbert Show to demonize Republicans in a vindictive verbal spree aimed at getting himself elected as the Democratic Governor of Florida.

Crist claimed during the interview that the Republican Party has moved too far right and the party is now anti-gay, anti-minorities, anti-immigration, anti-women. He was left with no choice but to become a Democrat because he is none of those things.

Crist switched parties because he lost to Marco Rubio in the senatorial election, was finished as a Republican, and wants to get back into office. He switched immediately after losing. There is no other reason for his switch.

Crist is a hack. As Jeb Bush said, Crist has ‘zero credibility’ and is a ‘habitual opportunist.’ Crist constantly drops Bush’s name because Bush is well-respected in Florida. Bush doesn’t appreciate Crist’s name dropping, but it doesn’t stop Crist.

Crist is falsely alleging that he can’t come up with the same big pot of money Governor Scott has and needs donations. Crist also painted Scott as a carpetbagger.

The left loves turncoats like Crist. The fact is Crist lost overwhelmingly and all the people who voted against him weren’t Tea Party people.

Crist claimed during his interview with Colbert, the leftist comedian, that he was dead in the Republican Party because he hugged President Obama, not only because he was a Democrat, but because he was an African-American. He played the race card while playing the race card “just because he was only trying to tell the truth.”

The fact is that Crist was dead to Republicans long before he hugged President Obama.


He loves “my president.”

“Sadly, I think another part of it was that he was a Democrat. But not just a Democrat, an African American,” Crist said.

Crist holds a narrow two-point lead over Governor Scott who is not winning kudos for his performance on jobs but is quickly picking up supporters.

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