We Are Global Citizens, So Are Our Bank Accounts


We are becoming global citizens and with that comes a dangerous loss of regard for U.S. Sovereignty and a loss of pride in our own country’s exceptionalism. We owe it all to a successful far-left campaign that Joe Biden himself exposed back in 2013.

President Obama gave a speech at the U.N. this morning aimed at convincing the leaders the world, the socialists, statists, communists,and various other dictators, to live in peace and to depose Bashar al-Assad. One thing that should not have gone unnoticed but probably will were his comments about borders.

If people doubt he is for open borders, listen to this clip and the insidiously casual manner he uses to conflate the war in Syria with building walls to control the U.S. border. He is an extreme globalist who hopes to erase all borders because he sees them as racist and a rejection of the new.

There is nothing natural about the illegal immigration we are experiencing or the influx of refugees into Europe.

The organization Global Citizen, which works with the U.N., organized a concert in New York’s Central Park this past weekend. The music is meant to attract the youth. The real purpose is to promote the U.N.’s 17 sustainable goals to end all poverty and to make the world more just and fair, according to Chris Martin of Cold Play.

Sustainable Development Goals_E_Final sizes

It will be funded mostly by the U.S. and the devil will be in the details.


Joe Biden helped kick off the Global Citizen Festival this past Saturday with these words:

“We have to move beyond, reach beyond ourselves. We have to be a light to the world, not just in the world. I look out and I see lots of global citizens, optimistic, determined, absolutely determined, rejecting the false premise that our challenges are mere fate, with no solutions, and that protecting universal rights is equally universal, because it is.”

Science Genius and climate extremist Leo Di Caprio is divesting himself of oil holdings, he announced during the Festival.

“The cause of our environment and the fight for the world’s poor are inherently linked. The planet can no longer wait,” the Wolf of Wall Street star said, according to the Daily Mail. “The underprivileged can no longer be ignored. This is truly our moment for action.”

Let me know when he gives up his air conditioning, planes, yacht, vans, and his many homes.

Pearl Jam closed with John Lennon’s popular commie song “Imagine.” Imagine there’s no heaven…no religion too…Imagine no possessions…Imagine all the people sharing all the world…

We are in the hands of idealistic Marxists who will hand over our resources and wealth to statists to fulfill their dream of one world living in peace and harmony. Since they are the elite, they get to keep their wealth.

In April, 2013, Joe Biden actually alerted us to this. He said, “the affirmative task we have now is to create a new world order.” He added that we have to “update the global rules of the road” and make sure China and Mongolia prosper. “We must maximize benefits for everyone “by leveling the playing field.”

We will march along as members of the collective obviously. I always thought it was a conspiracy theory, apparently not.

“Global warming” extremism will be part of the new world order.

In the video, Biden claims we’ve added jobs and strengthened the economy. After hearing this lie, do people really want to follow him into a new world order?


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