What the hell just happened?



Obama has just unleashed five dangerous terrorists back into the world. Do you think these jihadists will take to sipping tea while watching afternoon soap operas? Absolutely not!!! Even Obama admits that they will probably pick up where they left off – which is killing Americans.

We have laws against negotiating with terrorists but that didn’t stop Obama from setting these killers free.

Obama not only broke the law by cutting a deal with terrorists but he did so by totally bypassing Congress! Where is the outcry from Congress over the fact that Obama totally ignored the Rules of Engagement?

But why should Obama obey any rules? He has a pen & a phone and no one has the guts to stop him. What I want to know is, if Obama has rendered Congress useless, then why are we still paying their salaries?

Obama’s term in office reads like something from the Twilight Zone. Starting with his fraudulent Social Security number; cannot present his birth certificate nor his college records; he lied about having an open and transparent conversation on Obamacare while cutting deals behind closed doors; ATF “fast and furious” arming Mexican drug dealers; IRS targeting of Conservatives; leaving 4 men to die in Benghazi; seizing Associated Press reporters phone records,;NSA spying on Americans; $500 million dollars to Solyndra only so that could close their doors; VA scandal where we are leaving our Veterans to die; giving up the CIA agent name in Afghanistan “by mistake”, and the list goes on and on. One scandal is more outrageous than the next but cutting deals with terrorists beats all.

America and the rest of the world are in extreme danger because of Obama! His decision and his decision alone has put the entire world at risk by letting the Taliban Dream Team go free to kill again. If one person dies because of these terrorists, the blame falls solely on Obama’s shoulders, he can’t blame Bush for this one.

Obama has trampled all over our Constitution, changed the Rules of Obamacare dozen of times on his own accord, cut deals with drug dealers, spied on Americans, targeted who he deemed were his enemies by using the IRS as his henchmen, and he has now set terrorists free .

Nixon was threatened with impeachment for far less and Congress attempted to impeach Clinton over a sex scandal!

Obama broke the law by negotiating with terrorists and he should answer to the American people for it!

If Congress does not begin the impeachment process, then it’s time to change Congress. The time has come to stop this President from further abuse of his power and of the American people!

My God, what is Congress actually doing for their paycheck?

Editor’s note: You have to listen to this video about who we got back for this trade:


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