What the Oregon Standoff Is Really About


The standoff at an Oregon refuge center by a militia that includes three Bundy sons has been the subject of ridicule and little support. Cliven Bundy himself wants to know why his sons are there. The Hammonds, who the militia went to Oregon to support, have disavowed them. The illegal land grabs they are opposing with their armed takeover of a small building on a bird refuge is lost on most of the public. Some mock them and there are those on the left calling for them to be executed – that’s our civil left-wingers.

While I believe the method is flawed, the cause is a just one. Hopefully some will listen because we are losing our lands to an overreaching, tyrannical  federal government and our constitution is being trampled.

Look at the land the government owns illegally – it’s in red. The courts do nothing, the politicians talk about it but do nothing, and the farmers and ranchers are getting squeezed out so the government can make money off the land and chickens and frogs can count on absurdly large tracts of land for roaming.


Rand Paul argued in June that public lands run by the federal government should be handed over to state or local control. He made his comments in Nevada where the government owns 67% of the land.

Paul said Washington has become a “bully” that often goes too far in the regulation of both public and private land.

“You run into problems now with the federal government being, you know, this bully — this big huge government bully,” he continued. “You would have less of that if you had more local ownership of the land. State ownership would be better, but even better would be private ownership.”

It’s more than that. It’s not only better, it’s mandated under the constitution.

Federal land grabs are a serious violation of the Constitution. There is a reason the government is not permitted to own land according to our rule of law.

KrisAnn Hall is a constitutional lawyer who is dedicating her life to spreading the truth and her commitment to the constitution is laudatory. She explains quite clearly what this fight is about on the video below.

The fight is not about the Hammonds, the Bundys, or the media, Mrs. Hall said. The federal government has been acting lawlessly. The feds have no authority to own land outside of DC except for forts and ports with permission of the states. That’s what the constitution demands.

Another section in the constitution mentions government land deals with Territories and that has a specific meaning. The federal government does not own Territories inside the union. The feds only hold land for the states. Each state is a sovereign government – independent, free and sovereign – they are not Territories and the feds have no authority over these lands.

Where is the authority for the federal government to tell states how to govern their lands? It’s not in the constitution.

Congress is not allowed to change the constitution. No law contrary to the constitution is valid. Federal laws and the Supreme Court do not have the authority over the states. SCOTUS cannot make law.

The states are the ultimate arbiters of the constitution. The states are the creators and the controllers of the federal government.

We are not an oligarchy, we are a Constitutional Republic.

When the government owns the property of the people, it is not a just government.

This fight in Oregon is about the constitution. The genteel city dwellers who mock the militia as ignorant hayseeds need to read the constitution and they need to learn history. It’s not the Bundys who lack understanding.

Do we want an unlimited federal government? Do you want an oligarchy?

The constitution is the foundation of America and if the federal government can set that aside, there is no limit on it at all.

It is time to defend the constitution.

Watch and learn:

Listen to this story and you will get an idea of what is going on.

“Men who look upon themselves born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.” ~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense



  1. Thank you for posting this Sara. Not only on the land issue, but so many others involving life, liberty and property, the vast majority of people are clueless as to the rank unconstitutionality of what goes on in These United States these days. And that includes a lot of “conservatives” and a lot of “lawyers”.

    • Agree. Actually I find it all quite overwhelming – looking for what is not corrupted. No wonder people just shut down. Just yesterday I found myself trying to explain this to someone. She was overwhelmed to see 2 strangers join together to explain this to her and yes, it didn’t take very long before she was saturated with too much new information plus the pain of the corruption. I was thrilled to actually meet someone who thinks about things like this and didn’t just say “yes, dear . . . .yes dear. “

  2. It appears that there is uranium on the Hammonds land.
    It also appears a very powerful person wants to sell the uranium to the Russians .
    It also, also appears this powerful person has sold uranium to the Russians before.
    It also, also, also appears the BLM and the terror charges against the Hammons are being used to secure these rights!
    Can anyone find more information about this?

  3. Thank you Bob!
    Isn’t it a lovely web? I can not believe this despicable woman even has a chance at the White House !

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